Subway Wings Menu

Subway is a popular place to get tasty and fresh sandwiches, salads, and wraps. It’s a place where you can make your own sandwich by choosing the bread, veggies, meat, and sauces you like. The best part is that they have many options, so you can always find something you enjoy. 

Subway is known for its commitment to using fresh ingredients, and you can watch as they prepare your meal right in front of you. Whether you want a classic sandwich or something a bit different, Subway is a go-to spot for a quick and delicious meal. Let’s talk about Subway Wings!

Are there Wings on the Subway Menu?

No, Subway doesn’t have wings on its menu. You won’t find chicken wings when you go to Subway. They are famous for their sandwiches, like the Oven Roasted Chicken Breast or the Meatball Marinara, but wings are not part of their offerings.

If you want wings, you might need to check out other places that specialise in them because Subway is more about delicious subs and not about wings. Always good to check the menu before you go!

Subway We Know

When we think of Subway, we usually think of sandwiches, right? The classic Oven Roasted Chicken Breast, Meatball Marinara, or Veggie Delight subs are the stars. They’ve added salads, wraps, and breakfast items over time, which all made sense. But chicken wings? That’s a bit unexpected.

Social Media Buzz:

In January 2022, pictures started popping up on social media showing what seemed to be Subway-branded chicken wings. A Twitter user, shared photos of a white box that said “Subway hot,” and in the second photo, surprise – chicken wings!

This tweet got a lot of likes, and suddenly, everyone was talking about Subway and chicken wings. 

Why were images of Subway chicken wings circulating if Subway never actually sold wings?

The origin of the Chicken Wing images that circulated, despite Subway not officially selling them, remains a bit of a mystery. There are a couple of possibilities. First, these images might be authentic, possibly originating from Subway’s product testing phase. Some franchises, including Subway, often test potential menu items in a few locations to gather public opinions before a broader release.

The second possibility is that someone skilled in Photoshop might have created these images, stirring up a bit of internet controversy. So, while the pictures sparked curiosity, the absence of an official announcement or the inclusion of Chicken Wings in Subway’s online menus raises questions about their actual availability.

Are Subway Wings real, or are we just being teased?

To find out, we did some detective work. We checked Subway’s official social media pages to see if they said anything about new menu items. Unfortunately, we didn’t find any official word from Subway. This adds a bit of uncertainty to the whole chicken wing story.

Chicken Wing Challenges:

Now, let’s think about the bigger picture – the chicken wing industry. The COVID-19 pandemic caused shortages in many areas, including chicken wings. Everyone wants more wings, but there aren’t enough to go around. Even Buffalo Wild Wings had trouble getting enough wings for their sports bars.

So, the question is, would Subway really decide to add chicken wings to the menu during a time when everyone is struggling to get enough wings?

Solving the Mystery:

While some twitter users tweet gives us a peek at what could be Subway’s chicken wings, the lack of an official confirmation and the ongoing issues with getting enough wings makes us wonder. Maybe these pictures were just for fun, or perhaps someone got a little creative with Photoshop.

It’s crucial to be a bit sceptical and not get too carried away with excitement until Subway says something official.

Subway’s Past Troubles:

Before we get too deep into the chicken wing talk, let’s remember Subway’s history. There have been times when Subway faced some problems, like people saying their tuna isn’t really tuna. So, it’s wise to be careful and think twice before getting too excited about new menu items.

What will Chicken Wings at Subway be Like?

Let’s imagine, just for a moment, that Subway does add chicken wings. That would be exciting, right? But it also makes us wonder – can Subway keep the same great taste and quality we love in their sandwiches when they try something new?

Imagining the Wing Experience:

If Subway does roll out chicken wings, what would that experience be like for Subway lovers? Would it be as satisfying as their classic sandwiches, or would it feel like a different journey altogether? These are questions that only time and our taste buds can answer.

What if Subway Introduces Wings?

Imagine if Subway introduces various flavours for their wings. Maybe a tangy BBQ, a spicy buffalo, or a sweet honey glaze? And what about dipping sauces? Subway is known for its sauces – would they create special ones just for their wings? The possibilities add a new layer of excitement to the idea.

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Addressing Nutritional Concerns:

For health-conscious Subway fans, there might be questions about the nutritional aspects of these potential wings. Are they fried or baked? What’s the calorie count? Subway has been conscious of offering healthier options in the past, so it would be interesting to see how they balance flavour and nutrition with these wings.


In the end, the story of Subway and chicken wings is still unfolding. The pictures from tweets make us curious, but without an official word from Subway and considering the challenges in the chicken wing world, it’s good to be cautious.

As Subway fans, let’s keep an eye out for what Subway has to say officially. Until then, the big question remains: Does Subway really have wings? We’ll have to wait and see what Subway has cooking for us in the flavour department. Stay curious, Subway lovers!

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