Does Subway Support Israel or Palestine?

Subway, widely recognized for its range of sandwiches and salads, frequently encounters questions regarding its position concerning Israel. There’s curiosity about whether Subway shows support for Israel amidst its ongoing conflicts and political complexities. 

Subway’s Global Activities and Focus on Food

Subway operates in multiple countries, offering its renowned sandwiches and salads. The primary focus of the company remains on producing and selling fresh, delicious food, steering away from engaging in political discourse. Instead, it centres its efforts on delivering quality food and excellent service to its customers.

Franchise Model and Political Neutrality

Subway’s operational structure functions through a franchise model, allowing individuals to establish their Subway stores by adhering to the company’s guidelines and serving the standard menu. Subway generally avoids involving itself in political debates or taking positions on sensitive global issues.

Global Presence and Adaptation to Local Contexts

While Subway has a presence in various nations, including Israel, its existence in these regions doesn’t inherently imply support for Israel’s politics. Rather, Subway adjusts its operations to align with local laws and cultural norms without expressly endorsing a specific political perspective.

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Business Goals and Presence in Israel

Subway aims to expand its business globally, opening stores in different locations, including Israel, to cater to customers and generate revenue. This expansion aims to meet local market demands and contribute to the food industry without explicitly backing a particular political agenda.

Customer-Centric Approach and Diverse Market Servicing

Subway operates in various countries, including Israel, to meet the diverse market demands, emphasising the provision of quality food and dining experiences tailored to the preferences and needs of customers in those regions.

Corporate Neutrality and Avoidance of Political Involvement

Subway, much like other multinational corporations, refrains from taking a stand on political issues. This strategy allows them to focus on their core business and evade controversies that might negatively impact their brand image or sales.

Marketing Approaches and Customer Contentment

Subway’s marketing efforts revolve around promoting food quality, healthy offerings, and ensuring customer satisfaction. The approach aims to steer clear of political affiliations that could isolate certain customer segments.


Subway’s presence in Israel and other nations primarily represents a business expansion strategy to serve diverse consumer needs. However, this involvement should not be misconstrued as a direct expression of political support. Subway, akin to many other multinational corporations, concentrates on its business objectives and customer satisfaction while maintaining a neutral stance on politically sensitive matters.

The position of corporations on geopolitical issues remains a debated topic. Subway’s primary goal remains centred on delivering fresh, customizable food and providing an exceptional dining experience without overtly aligning with a specific political standpoint.

26 thoughts on “Does Subway Support Israel or Palestine?”

  1. Being neutral means side with the oppressors. So sad that you’d be able to pull such a long narration about this GENOCIDE situation but still choose to be neutral.

    Subway had been my go to place to go during office lunch and now I had to say goodbye.

    If only you could state that you condemn of what Israel did to Palestine’s genocide… but guess business is business right, over humanity? So screw you and your business goal.

    I’ll easily find a replacement immediately and so does everyone who still got brain and empathic heart to see what’s wrong and right.

  2. I used to eat subway not less than 4 times a week, even my kids was in love with it. However, you have showed inhumanity, and declared a statement showing that you don’t bother with the killing happening in Gaza, it would have been very positive if you just express your condemn of killing more than 25 thousand innocent people deliberately by bombing their houses, schools and hospitals.

    Me, my family and friends will stop eating from Subway, and will lead the boycott campaign to show people who such companies that we support and raise our kids loyalty to such company that actually don’t care !!

  3. “Subway adjusts its operations to align with local laws”
    Yeah don’t serve these palestine dogs…

    Boycott Boycott Boycott

  4. Oh, thanks for a detailed narrative. I have been regularly trying to look up for you on boycottwitness website to decide whether to continue eating my favourite sandwich or not.

    Despite the long article, nothing said in support of humanity or clearly mentioning against Israel. Yeah, I will be more satisfied to put you on my boycott list. Thanks

  5. Subway has been a go to for my family for many years, so I am extremely disappointed to see this statement. Let’s just for a moment pretend the current conflict occurring between Israel and it’s hatred of Palestinians, was in actual fact between Hitler and his hatred for Jews, would you remain neutral on that due its political underpinning? Remaining neutral means you are complicit to the crimes being committed. Shame on you. Time will tell, so good luck standing on the wrong side of history and supporting a genocide of innocent people.

  6. “Expanding” in occupied lands to serve the occupier that commits genocide is NOT “Neutrality and Avoidance of Political Involvement”.

    Boycott for life!

  7. Its good to know the priority of business and making money is higher than standing up against human rights violations and genocide. Your sandwiches are great but its not worth the blood on your hands.

  8. This is not good enough. You’ve taken a neutral stance accepted Israel as a state and completely disregarded the genocide in Palestine. You wanna “serve” people Palestinians are people not numbers in political discussions that you should choose to ‘veer’ away from. And Israel is stolen land meaning your business is profiting from this occupation. Stopped eating subway and will continue to stop eating unless they give a clear statement in support of Palestine and pull out their business from “israel”

  9. If you continue to do business in Israel you are not neutral. You are actively supporting a nation guilty of genocide. I suggest you close your shops there as the boycott will hurt your profits more. I would talk about the humanitarian side but you sound like you’re only concerned with profits. It’s a shame because me and my kids loved all your vegan options! Let’s hope you do the right thing!

  10. Great way of saying, yes, we don’t care about the genocide, all we care about is money! Way to go Subway! No more business from me or my community. Making sure this news is out as far as I can send it.

  11. The issue with being “neutral” is that you’re completely ignoring their atrocities as a nation and supporting their GDP by opening locations, serving and feeding the population as they starve another nation. Being complicit in a time like this or “neutral” is being against the occupied nation. You are not really “neutral”. You wouldn’t be “Neutral” again the N*zi’s now would you? What’s the difference in this case? The total death tally? Is that it? Because ideologically there is no difference in the mindset between former Germany and israel, just the death toll.. for now.

  12. So basically what you’re saying is “Don’t involve us with this political nonsense. Buisness and money are more important than the lives of innocent human beings.”

    That’s basically the summary of this long essay

  13. To say you’re ‘neutral’ in a genocide is inhumane and completely sides with the oppressors. Never coming here again.

  14. I was not expecting this kind of ridiculousness from Subway! GoodBye for being Neutral on Genocide. Its not Political its humanitarian thing that terrorism vs peace.


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