Subway Live IQ: Your Real-Time Insights Partner

Subway Live IQ is a revolutionary online software tool designed exclusively for Subway restaurant partners and employees. It serves as a valuable partner, providing real-time stats and insights to optimize restaurant performance and drive success.

Today, we will delve into the comprehensive features of Subway Live IQ, covering everything from login procedures to mobile app usage and administration modules. Whether you are a Subway franchise owner or an employee, Subway Live IQ is your go-to resource for gaining crucial insights into your restaurant’s performance.

Features of Subway Live IQ Login Portal

Subway Live IQ offers a comprehensive range of features designed to enhance operational efficiency and management control. Here is the detailed breakdown of Subway Live IQ feature:

  • Live IQ Mobile
  • Reporting
  • Administration
  • Surveillance

Live IQ Mobile

With Live IQ Mobile, you gain real-time access to critical insights and data on-the-go. Which enable you to make informed decisions anytime, anywhere.

Subway Live IQ Reports on Mobile Devices

You can check the following Report on your mobile devices and insure that your franchise is working efficiently.

Cash-In Reconciliation

A special table shows important information like Time, POS/Clerk, and Report Type. It’s in the middle of the page and is the right size so you can see it well. Also, the receipt is in the middle and you can see it without moving up and down or side to side. Even if you move around the page, the thing you pick stays where it is.

13 Week Sales

Imagine a table where information is written. You can move your eyes left and right to see all the information. The table moves separately from the rest of the page. You can also move your eyes up and down. The thing you pick will stay in one place.

Employee Dashboard

This special page has a big title in the middle. There is a table with rows of information. You can move your eyes left and right to see everything. The table moves on its own. You can also move your eyes up and down. The thing you pick will not move.

KPI Overview

There is an important table about the company. It’s in the middle and is the right size so you can see everything. You don’t need to move your eyes left and right. There’s another table with information for 7 days. It moves on its own. You can move your eyes left and right and up and down.

Productivity Trends

There is a table at the top with information. It’s in the middle and there are words stacked on top of each other. There’s a graph that shows things over a period of time. It moves by itself. You can move your eyes left and right to see it.

Store Readings

Above the table with store information, there is a title and some words. They are in the middle and stay in one place. You can move your eyes left and right on the table. If there is a bar at the bottom, you can use it to move the table left and right.


In the Subway Live IQ portal, there’s a special section called “Reporting.” The robust Reporting feature empowers you with customizable analytics and performance metrics, which help in strategic planning and optimization. If you want to know more about how to use the Reporting Feature, look in the next section.

What’s in Subway Live IQ Reports

Subway Live IQ Reporting has different parts that are like tools to help you understand things.


There’s something called a “Dashboard.” It’s like a control center. Here, you can see how well your restaurant is doing with sales every day. What you see on this page can change based on what you like to see.

You can also get detailed reports about your sales and management. You can get it in printed form or just take a look at mobile. Each report has different things you can do with it.

Productivity Reports

These are reports that tell you how good the restaurant is working. You can see how much work is done each day and how things are changing over time. When you pick “All Stores,” you can see a report about all your restaurants.

Checking Work

You can also use reports to check how people are working. You can see if people are working too much or taking enough breaks. You can get this report and look at it, print it, or save it.

Big Picture Reports

There are other reports that show you the big picture. You can see the totals for the day and hour, like adding everything up. There’s also a picture report and reports about how well the workers are doing and important things.

Different Reports

Subway Live IQ Reports also have other types of reports. They have special papers called extracts, printed papers, Subway IQ papers, and more.Remember, these reports help you understand your restaurant better!


Administration tools provide seamless user management and configuration options, streamlining system setup and maintenance.

Set Up Restaurants

There’s a choice to set up Live IQ in a restaurant. You can make a new Live IQ for a restaurant’s computer and change info on it.

Write and Send Messages

On Subway Live IQ, you can write and send messages. You can create messages with fancy text and pictures. Before sending, you can see how your message will look. You can even choose who gets the message. You can also make a message pop up on the screen when you open Live IQ.

Read News & Alerts

You can check out messages and important notices. There’s a screen for News & Alerts. It has two parts – one for just info and another for important alerts. You can switch between them by clicking the title bar.

Get Notified

Subway Live IQ can tell you if something’s not going well in a restaurant. It gives you alerts if certain things are worse than they should be, like how well the restaurant is doing or how much money it’s making.

Make Restaurant Groups

You can group your restaurants together. Maybe you want to group them by where they are or what kind of restaurant they are, like if they’re in a mall or a city. You can also make special groups for events. Subway Live IQ uses these groups to help you to maintain your restaurants. If you have lots of restaurants, this helps you see everything better in the reports.

Remember, Subway Live IQ is a tool to help you manage your restaurants and send messages easily.


The Surveillance component ensures heightened security through real-time monitoring and alerts, safeguarding your Subway environment effectively.

The Subway Live IQ Integrated Surveillance system helps you to see live and saved videos from Subway restaurants. It also shows videos from the older DTT system. You can use LiveIQ to look at many restaurants and cameras all together on one screen.

Subway Live IQ Integrated Surveillance can do these things:

  • You can watch live and saved videos from Subway restaurants. This helps us find any strange or suspicious things happening during specific times.
  • Subway Live IQ lets us watch live videos from one camera, or even up to 16 cameras in different restaurants, all on one page.
  • You can change the order of the cameras by moving them around.
  • If a restaurant has Subway Surveillance but hasn’t turned it on, Subway Live IQ 1502 that came out in April 2015 will automatically set it up.

For LiveIQ to work well, the DVRs (devices that record videos) need to use the GeoVision system, unless the surveillance is from DTT. When you choose “Other” as the System Vendor, the important information like connection details, usernames, and passwords can’t be filled in automatically.

Instead, you have to type in the port settings, username, password, and IP and DNS addresses by yourself. If you’re not sure about these things, it’s a good idea to talk to the people who provide the surveillance. Also, the time on the cash register and the DVR computer must be the same. If they’re not, Live IQ might show the wrong video for an event.

The Subway Live IQ Login Portal enables real-time monitoring, empowering users to take immediate actions to enhance profitability and guest satisfaction.

Steps to Login to Subway Live IQ Portal

Accessing Subway Live IQ is a straightforward process. Follow these simple steps to log in:

  • Open your web browser and navigate to the official Subway Live IQ website.
  • Input your unique username and password provided by Subway to gain access to the portal.
  • After entering your credentials, click on the “Sign In” button to access Subway Live IQ’s wealth of data.

Steps to Reset Subway Live IQ Account Password

In case you forget your Subway Live IQ account password, follow these steps to reset it:

  • Begin the process by visiting the official Subway Live IQ website.
  • On the login page, choose the “Forgotten your Password” option.
  • Enter the email address associated with your account and your Sign-In name.
  • You will receive an email with instructions on resetting your password. Follow the provided steps to complete the process.

Overview of Subway Live IQ App

Subway Live IQ also offers a user-friendly mobile application, empowering users to access insights on the go. The app provides a comprehensive dashboard view of sales performance, productivity reports, and KPI data. Its mobile-friendly design ensures an optimized experience on any device.

Setting up a Shortcut for Subway Live IQ Mobile

To streamline access to Subway Live IQ on your mobile device, follow these steps to create a shortcut:

  • Open the web browser on your mobile device.
  • Use your Subway Partners username and password to log in to the Subway Live IQ portal.
  • Once logged in, find the option to “Add to Home Screen” in your browser’s settings to create a shortcut for quick access.

Guide to Subway Live IQ Administration Module

The Subway Live IQ Administration Module is designed to facilitate smooth management and customization. Here’s a guide to make the most of its features:

  • Setting User Preferences: Customize user preferences for a personalized experience within the portal.
  • Restaurant Preferences: Tailor the settings to match specific restaurant requirements.
  • Reviewing Notifications: Stay informed with notifications and alerts and explore the provided user guides for in-depth understanding.
  • Composing and Sending Messages: Effectively communicate with team members using the portal’s messaging feature, equipped with appropriate permissions.


Subway Live IQ serves as an indispensable tool for Subway restaurant partners and employees alike. By giving instant updates about how the restaurant is doing, Subway Live IQ helps people make smarter choices based on data, so the restaurant can make more money and keep customers happy. With its user-friendly portal, mobile app, and administration module, Subway Live IQ sets a new standard for restaurant management in the fast-food industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Why can’t I access Subway Live IQ?

Ensure you have a stable internet connection and the correct URL ( Clear your browser cache and cookies or try using a different browser.

Q 2. Is Subway Live IQ accessible on all devices?

Yes, Subway Live IQ is accessible on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices with a user-friendly interface.

Q 3. Can I access sales performance reports for all Subway restaurants?

No, the sales performance reports are specific to individual restaurants.

Q 4. Can I use the Subway Live IQ app without a username and password?

No, you need a valid Subway Partners username and password to access the app.