Subway Indonesia Menu With Prices 2024

Subway in Indonesia offers tasty foods like sandwiches, wraps, salads, and yummy drinks. They have different kinds of sandwiches, such as BBQ Chicken and Italian B.M.T., with fillings like chicken, beef, or veggies in fresh bread. 

They also offer wraps with soft tortillas filled with delicious things like Chicken Teriyaki. There are sides like cookies and soups, and drinks like water, sodas, and orange juice to pick from. Subway Indonesia wants everyone to enjoy their meals by giving lots of choices and flavours.

Subway Indonesia Menu with Prices

Subway Menu with Prices in given below:


SandwichPrice (Rp)Description
Veggie DeliteRp25,000.00A sandwich with fresh veggies and your choice of sauce,in a bread roll.
Egg MayoRp32,000.00Creamy egg salad in a sandwich made with Subway’s bread.
Breaded Chicken StripRp37,500.00Chicken strips with veggies and sauce in a sandwich.
Chicken TeriyakiRp39,500.00Grilled chicken in teriyaki sauce with veggies, in a sub.
BBQ ChickenRp39,500.00Grilled chicken in BBQ sauce with veggies in a bun.
Roast ChickenRp39,500.00Slices of roasted chicken with veggies in a sandwich.
Chicken SliceRp35,000.00Sliced chicken with veggies and sauce in Subway’s bread.
Subway Turkey ClubRp58,500.00Turkey, bacon, veggies, and sauce in a sandwich.
Roast BeefRp58,500.00Roast beef with fresh veggies in Subway’s bread.
Steak & CheeseRp58,500.00Slices of steak with melted cheese, veggies, and sauce in a roll.
Meatball MarinaraRp45,000.00Meatballs in marinara sauce with your choice of veggies and sauces.
Subway Beef Se’iRp58,500.00Indonesian-inspired beef Se’i with veggies and sauce in Subway’s bread.
Italian B.M.TRp48,500.00A sandwich with pepperoni, salami, ham, veggies, and sauce in a sub.
Tuna MayoRp39,500.00Tasty tuna mixed with mayo and fresh veggies in a sandwich.
Spicy ItalianRp48,500.00A spicy sandwich with pepperoni, salami, veggies, and sauce in Subway’s bread.

Breakfast Option

Breakfast OptionPrice (Rp)Description
Chicken Slice & EggRp27,000.00Slices of chicken with a freshly cooked egg, served in a bread roll.
Tuna & EggRp37,500.00Tasty tuna mixed with a freshly cooked egg, served in a sandwich.
Cheese & EggRp24,000.00A combination of cheese and a freshly cooked egg in a soft bread roll.
Breakfast Strips & EggRp27,000.00Breakfast strips with a freshly cooked egg in a bread roll.


WrapPrice (Rp)Description
BBQ ChickenRp42,500.00Grilled chicken coated in BBQ sauce, combined with fresh veggies, and wrapped in a soft tortilla.
Chicken SliceRp38,000.00Thinly sliced chicken with your choice of veggies and sauce, all in a tortilla.
Chicken TeriyakiRp42,500.00Grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce, combined with fresh veggies, and in a tortilla.
Italian B.M.TRp51,500.00A wrap filled with pepperoni, salami, ham, veggies, and sauce.
Roast ChickenRp42,500.00Slices of roasted chicken paired with veggies, all wrapped in a tortilla.
Spicy ItalianRp51,500.00An Italian-inspired wrap with spicy pepperoni, salami, veggies, and sauce, packed in a tortilla.
Steak & CheeseRp61,500.00Steak slices with melted cheese, veggies, and sauce, all wrapped in a flavorful tortilla.
Tuna MayoRp42,500.00Tasty tuna mixed with mayo, paired with fresh veggies, in a tortilla.


SaladPrice (Rp)Description
BBQ ChickenRp56,500.00A salad with grilled chicken with BBQ sauce, paired with fresh veggies.
Chicken SliceRp52,000.00Sliced chicken combined with your choice of veggies in a salad.
Chicken TeriyakiRp56,500.00Grilled chicken glazed in teriyaki sauce, served with fresh veggies in a salad.
Italian B.M.TRp65,500.00A salad with a mix of pepperoni, salami, ham, veggies.
Roasted ChickenRp56,500.00Salad with roasted chicken slices with veggies.
Spicy ItalianRp65,500.00A salad with spicy pepperoni, salami, veggies.
Steak & CheeseRp75,500.00Sliced steak combined with cheese, veggies,.
Tuna MayoRp56,500.00Tasty tuna mixed with mayo, paired with fresh veggies in a salad.


SidePrice (Rp)Description
Oatmeal Raisin CookiesRp19,500.00Delicious oatmeal cookies with sweet raisins baked in.
Chocolate Chip CookieRp19,500.00Classic cookie filled with chocolate chips.
Double Chocolate Chip CookieRp19,500.00Cookie loaded with double the chocolate chips.
White Chip Macadamia Nut CookieRp19,500.00Cookie filled with creamy white chips and macadamia nuts.
Chicken Slice & CheeseRp19,500.00Sliced chicken combined with cheese, offering a side option.
Egg Mayo ToastieRp19,500.00A toasty delight with egg mayo filling for a satisfying snack.
Mushroom SoupRp29,500.00Creamy soup loaded with mushrooms.
Chitato Lite – SeaweedRp9,000.00Seaweed-flavoured potato chips.
Chicken Cream SoupRp15,000.00Creamy soup made with chicken.
Chitato Lite – Sour CreamRp9,000.00Potato chips with a tangy sour cream flavour.
Subway Baked Potato WedgesRp22,000.00Baked potato wedges seasoned. 


DrinkPrice (Rp)Description
Aqua 300mlRp9,000.00Bottled water of 300ml 
Carbonated Drinks 16 ozRp19,000.0016 oz serving of carbonated beverages
Coffee Latte 8ozRp25,000.00An 8oz serving of creamy coffee latte.
Minute Maid Pulpy OrangeRp17,000.00Minute Maid’s Pulpy Orange drink, providing a tangy and refreshing orange juice experience with pulp.

What are Popular Choices at Subway Indonesia?

Italian B.M.T:

People really like this sandwich. It’s filled with beef, chicken, fresh veggies, cheese, and different sauces. It’s great for those who want lots of different meats in their sandwich.

Steak & Cheese:

People love this because it has tasty steak, melted cheese, fresh veggies, and yummy toppings. It’s perfect for those who love meaty and filling sandwiches.

Chicken Teriyaki:

This one’s popular as it has tender chicken with sweet teriyaki sauce and fresh veggies. It’s a hit for those who enjoy a mix of sour and sweet flavours.

Tuna Mayo:

For something different, people enjoy the Tuna Mayo sandwich. It has shredded tuna, creamy mayo, and fresh veggies. Lots of Subway visitors like this choice.

Veggie Delite:

This one’s great for vegetarians or anyone wanting a lighter option. It’s packed with fresh veggies.

These Subway menu picks are famous because they offer different flavours,variety, and, whether someone likes meat or prefers veggies in their sandwich.


Subway Indonesia has lots of foods like sandwiches, salads, and drinks. People really like sandwiches such as Italian B.M.T Steak & Cheese, Chicken Teriyaki, Tuna Mayo, and Veggie Delite. 

These foods have different flavours, some with meat, some with veggies, for everyone to enjoy. Subway is a great place in Indonesia to get yummy meals with lots of choices.

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