What Age Does Subway Hire? A Comprehensive Guidelines

If you are in search of a part-time job? Or maybe you want a career with flexible hours? Well, you should think about joining the Subway team! Subway is a super famous fast-food chain loved worldwide for its tasty sandwiches and fresh ingredients. It’s an excellent opportunity to work at Subway, especially if you want a job that fits your school or other activities. But before you send in your application, you probably have some burning questions about Subway employment. Fear not! Today, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide about working at Subway, including the minimum hiring age, their starting salary details, and more. So let’s dive in!

What Age Does Subway Hire?

The minimum age to work at Subway varies depending on the country and local labor laws. In most locations, the minimum hiring age is 16 years old. So if you are 16 or older, you can apply for a job at Subway.

How Much Does Subway Pay?

Subway offers competitive wages to its employees. The pay rate may differ based on location, job position, and experience. Generally, entry-level positions at Subway, such as sandwich artists or crew members, receive an hourly wage. On average, Subway pays around $9 to $10 per hour for these positions. However, please note that salaries may differ slightly in different regions.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Subway?

As mentioned earlier, the minimum age requirement to work at Subway is typically 16 years old. This policy ensures that employees meet legal working-age requirements and can handle the responsibilities that come with the job.

Can You Work at Subway at 15?

In some locations, Subway participates in special programs allowing them to hire employees as young as 15. However, this is subject to local labor laws and specific work restrictions for minors. If you are 15 years old and interested in working at Subway, you must check your area’s basic age requirements before applying.

How Much Does Subway Pay 16-Year-Olds?

The pay rate is typically the same for 16-year-olds working at Subway as for other entry-level positions. As mentioned earlier, the average hourly wage for entry-level employees is around $9 to $10. but remember that salaries can vary based on your location and experience.

Why Choose Subway for Part-Time Work?

Subway offers several benefits for individuals seeking part-time employment, especially students and teenagers. Here are some compelling reasons to consider working at Subway:

Flexible Hours: Subway understands the importance of balancing work and personal life. They offer flexible working hours, making managing school, extracurricular activities, and other commitments easier for employees.

Employee Discounts: As a Subway team member, you may enjoy discounts on delicious sandwiches and other menu items. This can be a significant perk for food enthusiasts!

Work Experience: Working at Subway can provide valuable work experience, teaching essential skills like customer service, teamwork, and time management. These skills can be beneficial in various future career paths.

Career Growth: Subway often promotes from within, providing opportunities for career growth. You may start as a sandwich artist and work up to a supervisory or management role.

Supportive Environment: Subway franchises often foster a friendly and supportive work environment, making it enjoyable.

How to Apply for a Job at Subway?

Now, we discuss the application process to apply for a job at Subway. The application process may differ from one location to another, but here are some general steps to guide you:

Online Application

Visit the official Subway website or the website of the Subway franchise you wish to work at.

Find available job positions in the “Careers” or “Jobs” section.

Complete and submit the online application form with your details, work experience, and references.

In-Person Application

Some Subway locations may accept in-person applications. Dress neatly, prepare a resume (if you have one), and inquire about any available job openings.

Get Ready for an Interview

If your application is accepted, you’ll be called for an interview. Be ready to answer questions about when you can work, what work you’ve done before, and why you want to work at Subway.

Training Time

If you get the job, you’ll probably have a training period. During this time, you’ll learn all about how things work at Subway and understand their rules and ways.


Working at Subway can be excellent! You’ll learn essential skills, have friendly people around you, and even make extra money. But before you apply, check how old you need to be and what they ask for in your area. Subway is an excellent place for teens wanting to work part-time or anyone needing a job with flexible hours. Don’t wait; try it and apply to join their team – they might be happy to have you onboard!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Does Subway offer part-time positions?

Subway offers part-time positions for individuals seeking flexible work hours.

Q 2. Can I work at Subway if I’m 15 and have a work permit?

In some locations, Subway may hire 15-year-olds with work permits. However, it depends on local labor laws and Subway’s policies.

Q 3. What is the typical job application response time?

The response time can vary, but Subway typically tries to respond to job applicants within a few days to a couple of weeks.

Q 4. Does Subway provide employee training?

Subway offers training for new employees to ensure they understand their roles and responsibilities.

Q 5. Is working at Subway physically demanding?

Working at Subway may involve standing for extended periods and some light lifting, but it is generally not considered overly physically demanding.

Q 6. Can I apply to Subway to gain work experience?

Subway welcomes applicants with little or no prior work experience. They often provide training to help new employees succeed.

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